Internationally Acclaimed Nano-Technology Coatings
Weathered Paint + Nano-Clear® = 10 Year Performance Warranty

Nano Activated Coatings, Inc. (NAC) and our partners understand the nanocoatings industry because we have conducted research and provided services to all of our vehicle clients for the past 13 years. Our company focuses on the development of nanocoatings that are highly scratch resistant; chemical, corrosion, and UV-resistant; and water-repellent to help extend the useful life of whatever you’re driving. Our nanocoatings are self-cleaning and protective with sealant properties that are environmentally friendly resulting in reduced surface maintenance.

Our multifunctional nanocoatings were designed to outperform all vehicle and aerospace CEM coating competitors. This is because Nano-Clear (R), our leading product, penetrates deep into the pores of newly painted or highly oxidized paints, enhances line colour, improves the gloss, increases surface hardness and extends UV resistance better than any competitor.

Nano-Clear® is designed to restore, enhance and extend the surface life of “New” or “Highly Oxidized” painted surfaces by 10 years. Organizations have invested billions of dollars to protect valuable assets (ships, bridges, heavy duty equipment…) from corrosion, scratching, chipping, chemical attack and weathering. Many of these assets were painted using inferior materials not designed to withstand long-term weathering and use. Organizations have various options when these painted assets degrade:

  • Do nothing and allow the paint weathering cycle to continue (resulting in decreased corrosion, chemical and UV resistance).
  • Replace the existing paint system using the same inferior conventional systems (epoxy topcoat, polyurethane or latex).
  • Restore, enhance and extend the surface life of “New” or “Oxidized” painted assets by 10 years using Nano-Clear®.

Nano-Clear® NCI-RC provides extreme corrosion resistance, abrasion, chemical & UV resistance, water repellency and reduced surface maintenance. Nano-Clear® NCI-RC penetrates deep into the pores of newly painted or highly oxidized paints, enhances color, improves gloss, increases surface hardness and extends UV resistance. Nano-Clear® is a 1K humidity cured / highly cross-linked polyurethane hybrid nanocoating.

Technical Data SheetNano-Clear® 1K physical properties are far superior to leading 2K industrial coatings including Imron® 2.1 HG Performance Warranty

shutterstock_247827352pic2Nano-Clear® Industrial Coating Benefits:
– Extend Re-Paint Lifecycle by 2X
– Reduce Re-Paint Material Cost by 5X
– Reduce Re-Paint Labor Cost by 2X
– Reduce Surface Maintenance by 50%


Nano-Clear® Customers: Toshiba Industrial Products, CAT, Nippon Paint, Carnival Cruise, Queen Elizabeth Cruise, Princimar Carriers, Holland America, Odebrecht Oil & Gas…

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