IceCOLD® Compatibility and Applications

Compatibility with Refrigerants and Compressor Oils

According to independent Intertek Laboratory reports, using SAE protocols, IceCOLD® is completely compatible with all modern day compressor oils including; traditional mineral oils, and synthetics like polyol ester (POE) and polyalkylene glycol oils (PAG).

Independent Intertek Laboratory reports also confirm that IceCOLD® is compatible with all modern refrigerants, including;

✓ R22, R502 andR12
✓ R134a
✓ R404a, R407c, R410a, R427a, R507a, R407f andR438a
✓ R717 ammonia
✓ R11, R123 and CO2 systems do not have oil fouling; therefore, IceCOLD® will be ineffective and is not used.

R11 has no new production and can only be sourced in recycled refrigerant.

R123 will have no new equipment developed in 2020 and no new production for service after 2030.