For Determining the Correct Amount of IceCOLD® To Install in All Refrigeration Equipment:

Chillers/Air Conditioners/Refrigeration Units

Rule #1

✓ Look up compressor specifications online or call the compressor manufacturer and ask how many ounces of compressor oil go in the compressor; give the model # and serial#. (this could be on the compressor label)
✓ Multiply this oil fill(oil charge) quantity by 10%.
✓ For example, if a chiller has eight gallons:
8 gallons (multiplied by 128 oz. per gallon) = 1024 ounces.
Therefore 10% of 1,024 ounces = 102 ounces IceCOLD®.
✓ If you cannot determine the number of ounces, see Rule #2.

Rule #2

✓ Multiply the tonnage by one ounce.
✓ On smaller residential DX systems this rule is acceptable. It is recommended that only rule #1 be used on chiller systems. A 3.5 ton splilt system will require 3.5 ounces of IceCOLD®. Any system that is less than 2 tons(ptac units or aircons) will always require a minimum of 2 ounces of IceCOLD®.

Rule #3

✓ Never exceed 30% IceCOLD® to compressor oil charge.
✓ Be sure the compressor oil in semi hermetic compressors is clean before adding IceCOLD®.

Rule #4

✓ On all Screw type compressors/chillers you need to make sure that there is not a Coalescing Oil Separator. IceCOLD® does not allow compressor oil to coalesce.

Rule #5

✓ On larger systems, it is always a good idea to perform an oil test on the unit and ask for maintenance records to give you a clearer idea on how well the system has been maintained as well as its current condition.
✓ Questions to ask include: Are the compressor oil and filters changed regularly? Are the coils cleaned regularly?

If you have any questions be sure to call technical support.